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Helping partners translate health information and scientific data into engaging content and results for their clients.


Genomics and laboratory teams aim to create tests that provide added value and knowledge to patients and healthcare providers. Their sales materials and reports need to be scientifically accurate, as well as conveying the information in an easy to understand manner. Finally, they need data driven materials that provide support, added value, and a path forward to accompany prognostic and diagnostic test results.

Most marketers don’t know the science and compliance involved in healthcare or how to develop engaging health education content, and thus aren’t capable of creating the accurate materials needed for that audience. Healthcare and genomics organizations need advocates that know their world and know how to reach their demographics.


Whether we come in at the beginning and take you to market, support you post-launch, or get involved somewhere in between, the team at NAVGEN can work with your scientific and sales teams to help:

Video & Public Speaking

Health Education

Results & Scientific Content

Platform Development

Websites, Apps, & Product Management

Analytics & Metrics

Leadership Team

Dr. Marci Hardy
Dr. Marci Hardy, Phd.

In addition to working with a variety of medical disciplines, Marci spent the past 15 years helping her own family maneuver the healthcare system. Paired with her health education and health promotion training, this unique perspective affords Marci the ability to understand a medical practice from the eyes of a patient, patient advocate, scientist/clinician, and health education and health promotion specialist. She utilizes this expertise to help healthcare practices improve patient engagement, support, education, and retention.

Marci also brings her experience as a former professor to the table, providing the ability to translate scientific research into easy to understand content – providing value to your patients and practice.

Geoffrey Baron
Geoffrey Baron

Geoff has been in digital communications for over 20 years. While many things have changed, the need to engage with your audience become more important than ever. Wherever your audience is, Geoff can help develop the tools to reach them and measure how well you are doing.

Having been a part of numerous startups his experience can help you avoid a lot of costly mistakes and do what it takes to succeed in your market.

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